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Furniture collides with 'The Magentaverse'

09 January 2023

What is the Pantone colour of the year?

Pantone has chosen the colour they think will shape 2023, Viva Magenta, a vibrant relative of the red family. Described as a nuanced crimson tone that balances warm and cool, Viva magenta is an 'unconventional shade for an unconventional time'. The Pantone institute's choice is intended to reflect the latest trends across sectors, including fashion, interior design, and home décor. It also serves as something of a mood ring, with shades chosen to capture the zeitgeist.



The rise of pink

Viva Magenta sits between red and pink on the colour wheel. According to Pantone's colour research, magenta pinks are already popular amongst the fashion and beauty community, and it is expected that the interior world will follow.

Viva Magenta celebrates our gravitational pull towards natural colours as movements rise around climate change, sustainability, and land conservation. It is a vibrant red that revels in total excitement, enabling unrestrained experimentation and self-expression, an exhilarating and limitless hue developing as a standout statement. The Pantone colour of the year was inspired by the cochineal beetle, which was the source of Viva Magentas' organic origins. This particular insect makes carmine dye, one of the most potent and valuable colours in the natural dye family. Viva Magenta combines natural matter's richness, warmth, and power with the digital world, creating endless possibilities.


                                                                              See our Viva Magenta palette here

Notably, the vivid pink shade has gone deeper than the 'Barbie core' powder pink seen over the last few years. Popular fabrics like our Arlan Misty Rose, Victoria Fuchsia, Opulence Blush, and Cadillac have surged as powder pink became popular. These soft tonal pinks are far more muted than Viva magenta, which was developed as an Ai collaborative colour. Viva Magenta is an empowering, intense colour that will divide opinions and is yet to find its place in the upholstery industry. Cerise, from our Sunningdale range, is a perfect match for the striking Pantone hue. A well-established fabric, Sunningdale is a short pile velvet with a soft luxury feel. Velvet is a great fabric for a bold colour like Viva Magenta. Velvet holds colour well and is often used when designing with such intense colours. We anticipate the mix of Viva Magenta and velvet to be a strong relationship across bed heads, designer sofas, accent chairs and funky footstools.



Viva Magenta in the home

This strong Pantone shade provides much inspiration for creative direction. With endless shapes and design options, from small pops of colour, to bold statement pieces, Viva Magenta could look beautiful on accent cushions, large sofas, footstools, or dining chairs.

It is undoubtedly a bold choice to use such a vivid pink shade in upholstery, but it is surprisingly versatile. The colour offers a balance that works with warm and cool tones, which is ideal when creating various furniture pieces. For the cooler tones, pairing the magenta shade with neutral hues such as Arlan Moon and Hardwick Truffle or even the tones of pinks like Romario Tea Rose and Piero Currant can create an excellent foundation for an all-over fabric. Viva can be used as a pop of colour in a primarily neutral palette or paired with other bold shades for a daring design aesthetic. Bolder shades of pink, purple and burgundy also complement Viva Magenta, such as Richmond Glamour and Elgin Spectrum. A striking sofa can really capture a buyer's eye. The meaning behind this new colour is to add bravery and fearlessness, a sense of unknown strength. This gives the opportunity to brighter up spaces and appeal to a positive future. There are many perfect ways of introducing elements of Viva Magenta. Adding a splash of colour to a bedframe with a matching ottoman or even a change in soft furnishings can be one of the easiest yet most effective ways to transform the feel of a living space.

viva magenta pinks

                                                                       See our Viva Magenta palette here

Away from furniture, the beauty of this fiery shade is how it pairs so seamlessly with nearly all colours, providing a warm accent to enhance neutrals, greys and greens, and even darker brooding shades of navy blue. This warm and opulent colour gives a luxurious feel to accessories such as curtains, cushions or throws.

The addition of soft furnishings

Never underestimate the ability of soft furnishings and how they can introduce a fresh accent colour into any living room. Whether this is a few scatter cushions on a sofa or a fancy bean bag, adding simple accessories can be incredibly effective in a home. Cushions in Viva Magenta colours may inspire a space, brighten up a neutral sofa, and transform the interior concept. Pairing furniture with neutral greige and grey with soft magenta accessories adds warmth and energy to a design concept. Mobus has a vast collection of neutral shades made up of a variety of fabric types. Shades such as Arlan Moon, Hardwick Pearl and Richmond Dream create the perfect neutral base to build vibrancy and colour with cushions and accessories. However, making a colourful statement piece, such as a magenta sofa or accent chair, while keeping the rest of the suite more understated can greatly affect the result.

viva magenta neutrals

                                                                                   See our Viva Magenta palette here

This striking pinkish purple turns heads and makes an impression wherever it appears. But what is it about viva magenta that makes it such a standout colour? It's colourful and energetic, making it a perfect choice for people looking to decorate their homes with colourful furniture. Soft furnishings or subdued items are the simplest way to use this vivid hue. You may be adventurous and daring by embracing this vibrant colour and proudly making a statement. Colour pairings with viva magenta can be rich and invigorating, or they can be harmonised with comparable tones such as burgundy, soft pinks and deep reds. The perfect example is Opulence Burgundy, Victoria Heather and Hardwick Claret; these shades make up a palette to blend seamlessly with our Viva Magenta shade, Sunningdale Cerise, to provide endless design options.


Please get in touch with us to order a sample or discuss more options around this new fun colour.