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9 Ranges We Are 'Loving' Right Now

14 February 2023

Love comes in many forms......

It's the month of love, which got us in the mood to think about what we are 'loving' right now! With trends forever evolving, colours coming and going, and the world constantly changing, it's hard to keep up. In our fast pace industry, it's easy to forget some of the beautiful ranges we have and how they fit into current trends. Below are some of our favourite ranges at the moment.

upholstery fabric mood board

Perfect Piero 

Piero is a popular range, and it's easy to see why. This colourful multi-yarn fabric provides a robust, textured finish. A great diverse fabric, Piero works across various furniture designs, including sofas, chairs, beds and footstools. With 32 colours in the range, there is something for every trend board. Piero provides two different looks. Firstly, the bold, contrasting look, colours like Bonfire, Landscape, Blossom, Hedgerow and Harvest contain multi-coloured yarns that work to create a contrasting mix of colours, providing a striking finished appearance. The subtle, tonal colours like Champagne, Clay, Silver and Slate give a softer, more straightforward finish. Our particular favourites are Aegean, and Thunderstorm, a mix of stunning grey and blue colours that blend perfectly to create a trendy fabric. 

upholstery fabric Piero

                                                                                                                                                                                   Aegean - Piero Range 

Romantic Richmond 

We love this colour, Burnt Sienna. Not only is it one of our favourite colours in the Richmond range, but it's also very on-trend. The orange and red tones blend to give it a deep, strong, appealing look. Richmond is a needlecord velvet with a distressed texture. Soft to the touch, it has a great handle and works well across various furniture designs. With a strong palette of 25 colours, Richmond is proving to be a popular range. Our other favourite colours are Mist, Leaf, Spice, Harbour and Bermuda

Needle cord velvet from the Richmond Upholstery range

                                                                                                                                                           Burnt Sienna - Richmond Range 

Hearty Heritage 

Heritage makes our 'love list' due to its unique distressed appearance. A beautiful velvet, Heritage offers the luxury of velvet but with an extra design element. Heritage works across many design types, including sofas and accent chairs, and looks stunning on a headboard. Cedar is one of our favourite colours in this range because it blends grey and brown tones, a popular colour forecast. With 26 colours to choose from, it's hard to pick one favourite, so we have picked out some others too...... Sunset, Mink, Old Gold, Peacock and Heather


Heritage, distressed velvet on a modern sofa design

                                                                                  Cedar - Heritage Range

Charming Cologne

Who doesn't love bouclè? If there was one fabric that has taken over the furniture world in the last few years, it has to be bouclè. This knotty, highly textured fabric is super popular, versatile and durable; bouclè is an excellent all-over fabric. From sofas to dining chairs, bedheads and footstools, bouclè is everywhere. Our Cologne range has eight great natural colours, with more being added! Our top pick colours must be Dove and Mink; they perfectly tick the brown and grey trends.

Boucle upholstery fabric

                                                                                                                                                                               Dove - Cologne Range 

Happy Hampton 

A soft brushed, twill design, Hampton is an understated fabric with lots of potential. It makes our top picks due to its sophisticated style and overall appearance. Mustard is our favourite shade; it's a fun, vibrant colour that allows the design to come through when made up. The weave style creates a beautiful diagonal pattern that works well on tight-fitted, modern designs. With a mix of intense blue, red and green shades, Hampton is available in various hues. Other popular colours in the range are Biscuit and Calico due to their more natural tones that blend to give a more muted overall appearance. 

                                                                                                                                                                          Mustard - Hampton Range 

Cupid Castello

It's love! Castello gets a lot of love already. However, it's easy to see why. A soft chunky chenille Castello is the perfect all-over fabric, 100% polyester and very durable. The range contains 27 colours, from bold shades of Claret, Aubergine, Moss and Lilac to more muted, tonal shades of Nickle, Silver, Mink and Ash. Our favourites are Seal and Sky. Seal is a soft greeny, grey colour we've seen a lot of lately, whilst Sky is an understated light blue. 

Oyster from the Castello upholstery fabric range

                                                                                                                                                                                Oyster - Castello Range 

Darling Dalton 

The linen look is a popular trend at the moment, and Dalton fits perfectly into this. A flat woven polyester, Dalton is a very useable fabric in a great range of colours. The weave style and yarns used creates a subtle but effective texture. An ideal, all-over fabric, Dalton works on large slouchy styles or the more traditional button-backed sofa designs. Colour-wise, Dalton has a bit of everything; our particular favourites are Dove Grey, Cedar, Fog, Charcoal and Sea Blue.     


dalton fabric on a sofa

                                                                                                                                                                            Pistachio - Dalton Range 

The Look of Lustre 

With a basket weave appearance, Lustre is a beautiful fabric with lots of potential. Created using a slub yarn, Lustre lives up to its name, producing a lovely effect as the light hits the fabric. Part of our Halogen-free FR ranges, Lustre is a robust fabric. Perfect for various design shapes, it's a great all-over fabric with an appealing finish. The 20-strong colour palette has a mix of neutral to bold colours. Coral is a popular choice, along with Midnight, Antique and Linen. We personally love Kingfisher, Nickel and Shadow.


Lustre kingfisher upholstery fabric

                                                                                                                                                             Kingfisher - Lustre Range 

Lovely Lyon 

This small knotty, boucle fabric makes it onto our 'love list' due to its subtle but stunning appearance. Perfect as an all-over or paired with leather, Lyon offers a two-tone effect. Our favourite colour out of this range is Latte. It's a light tonal mix of cream and brown, which creates a soft appearance. Lyons charm is its ability to appear simple whilst providing a designed, textured look. 


Lyon small boucle fabric

                                                                                                                                                           Latte - Lyon Range 


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